Actual Journey

About Us

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.”– Anais Nin. Traveling lets us explore new places and witness the diversity that exists in this beautiful world. Traveling also works as a medium of self-discovery in the sense that when we travel, we discover about our likes and dislikes towards many things, which we experience in the course of our journey. To discover places and subsequently to discover yourself, you need not necessarily travel to a different country, but traveling to any place is eternal bliss. Be it within India or abroad, just encourage traveling and make it a part of your life to make your life more meaningful.

Actual Journey is a travel company that takes care of different travel requirements and helps you experience the joys of traveling. Instituted in 2007, Actual Journey has been designing remarkable travel services for the last 8 years. Pinank Joshi serves our company as its CEO and our company base is in Gandhidham– Kutch, Gujarat (India). We work with unwavering commitment towards making traveling an exciting and an affordable undertaking for people all over the country. Taking care of all your travel requirements and expectations, we do not just assist you in your tours, but “We Design your Dream Holiday.”